Maybank, London

Project Name: Maybank
Location: London
The project involved the installation of a multi floor DX VRF system comprising of numerous fan coils positioned throughout the building coupled onto several external heat recovery units. The installation was carried out in an occupied building.

Gracechurch Street

Project Name: Gracechurch Street
Location: London
Carry out the installation of extra cooling to meeting rooms by means of ceiling void dx units serving ceiling diffusers.

Strip down and change 2No. Screw compressors on main office block

Southside Victoria

Project Name: Southside Victoria
Location: London
This project consisted of the decommissioning of several Comms Room air Conditioning Units, stripping them out and then removing them from site to enable the floor to be returned to CAT A status.

Upon Instruction following the Landlords letting of the floor we installed an Air Conditioning Unit in newly formed Comms

25 James Street, London

Project Name: 25 James Street
Location: Soho, London
Replacement of ductwork throughout building and pressure testing.

NTT Europe

Project Name: NTT Europe
Location: St Katherines Dock
The project involved the replacement of a cooling coil within a Air Handling Unit serving a Presentation Room and the installation of new refrigeration pipework.
The old condensing units where charged by R22 and due to the failure of the condensers units it was necessary to change the coil, refrigeration pipework and condensers.
The air handling unit was positioned in a small plant room on floor someway from the roof area where the condensers were positioned.
All the removal and reinstatement of new refrigeration pipework was under taken at night time (out of hours) as the pipework routes were running within the ceiling void in areas where personal were working.
The project also involved the removal and reinstatement of the ceiling on a daily basis and the associated builders work on the roof.

Bridge House

Project Name: Bridge House
Location: Richmond

  • The project building comprised of four floors all of which were required to be air conditioned.
  • The systems consisted of two number ducted air cooled condensers located in the building roof plant room
  • Each floor was equipped with ceiling void mounted fan coil units discharging into perimeter slot diffusers, with additional floor mounted fan coil units  located at alcove positions
  • The systems were served from refrigerant pipe work dropping / rising in a purposed designed mechanical riser shaft with radial distribution pipe work and circuitry concealed within the ceiling void space.
  • All floors were designated their own control system, and floors could be set to individual requirements as conditions or preference’s dictate.
  • The entire system including the controls element were installed and commissioned by aura construction engineers and full on site instruction given to incoming maintenance and building management personnel with a full twelve months warranty and on site assistance.
  • The project was completed within program, on budget and to the complete satisfaction of client.

Dong Energy

Project Name: Dong Energy
Location: London
This project consisted of installing a new wall mounted air conditioning unit in a new Comms room. Once this was commissioned and running the existing Comms Room unit was decommissioned and also installed in the new Comms Room.

An automatic change over panel for duty standby and unit failure was also

Metro Building, Hammersmith

Project Name: DTZ / Maris
Location: Metro building, Hammersmith, London
Relocation and upgrade of clients VAV system and supplementation of the current A/C with a VRF system.

Komfort, Head office

Project Name: Komfort Head office
Location: Horsham
Aura Air produced a validation report of existing ventilation and air conditioning systems. Modifications were carried out to expand the existing air conditioning to suit new office refurbishment.