Company Quality Ethos

Through continual development of the business and our processes we ensure that we will maintain our ability to:

  • Correctly identify customer requirements.
  • Offer a clearly defined level of service with regard to specification and programme.
  • To maintain and improve our position within the industry.
  • Ensure that our staffs are appropriately qualified, trained, and experienced.
  • To develop and monitor an improved customer feedback system.

We monitor this performance and publish results periodically in staff newsletters and / or the company intranet.

The Managing Director and Senior Management Team are committed to the quality policy and ensure its communication and implementation throughout the Company. The Company will ensure that the quality system will be reviewed at board level on annual basis. Serving clients in regulated environments necessitates adherence to the strictest quality standards. The Aura Air quality initiative begins with an enterprise-wide quality framework designed to align our development and service delivery to ensure quality results.

To ensure the continuing development of our business operations, all Aura Air personnel are encouraged to take an active role in our decision making processes, including wherever possible in the future re-design, implementation and application of the Aura Air Management system. We believe this creates a positive and pro-active operating culture, based on the continuing co-operation, ownership, understanding and development of our workforce.

We recognise that in order to maintain these standards, it will be necessary to develop and maintain a high level of commitment throughout our operations that actively encourage leadership at all levels. We also recognise that in order to realise this commitment, and to support our efforts, it will be necessary to provide adequate facilities and resources. At all times these levels will be commensurate to quantified risk and the reduction in pollution of all forms.