Personnel & Expertise

Highly qualified personnel make Aura Air flexible and able to adapt to the operational methods and the unique requirements of individual Client’s who have specific, quality, cost and time parameters. Human resources are valued highly at Aura Air and we therefore carefully recruit only the highest skilled people. They are all selected for their ability and commitment. Continual assessment and training are provided to satisfy Aura Air’s stringent criteria.

We operate with approximately 80% permanent staff, this allows us to ensure compliance with corporate procedures, familiarity between customers and staff and allows us to ensure manpower resources are available to react and respond to client workload
requirements. 15% are out-sourced personnel who are internally vetted using our in-house pre-qualification process. The remainder of our workforce are specialist contractors consisting of commissioning engineers and specialist services.

These proportions have proven to provide reliability and flexibility to deploy the correct manpower resources to the right tasks.

Through progressive investment in staff and training Aura Air is able to provide the full range of skills necessary for the efficient and cost effective installation and maintenance of Mechanical & Electrical systems in buildings.

Our service encapsulates the full range of Mechanical & Electrical engineering and contracting. More details can be found on our services page.