Our Approach

Planning Process

Planning for Aura Air begins upon receipt of tender documentation and is key at this early stage of a Project. The combined experience of Aura Air’s professional and operations teams make it possible to negate risk and maximize commercial potential
for our Client’s and ourselves alike, at every stage with intimate knowledge of all projects from concept through design and into execution.

Reviewing scope, budget and scheduling enables Aura Air’s project engineers to carefully plan and allocate the necessary teams and resources to deliver projects successfully.

Commercial Management

We have a firm policy of cost control, which is designed to achieve, as far as possible, an effective and positive commercial management. The agreement of all parties is sought in the progressive evaluation of variations, cost fluctuations or day work items, which may arise during the works.

The company operates on an open and honest basis and we conduct our business in a positive and forthright manner.

The Review Process

In addition we monitor and measure our performance by seeking feedback and comments from our Client’s, using internal management information systems and other methods as may be considered appropriate from time to time. As part of our commitment towards the achievement of the aims set out in this Policy Document, we provide appropriate training for staff.

The company reviews the entire project workload on a weekly basis under two separate meetings:

  • Financial Review
  • Contract Progress Review

These reviews set general targets and objectives and establish the individual and collective accountability. We undertake detailed reporting of exceptional situations, so that early control can be applied, and any non-conforming areas of our operation can be swiftly addressed.

Productivity Management

The right people checking the workplaces to ensure a quality installation.

As a private company, Our entire contracting philosophy is tailored to achieve the maximum possible productivity. Our management process examines optimum installation and material procurement methods. We review materials delivery, storage and distribution methods. Productivity is controlled through sound scheduling and project analysis. Productivity is increased through CPD training, and the use of labour saving products and equipment.

To summarise, we aim to ensure that the correct information, materials, plant, and labour arrive at the prepared work face in a timely and co-ordinated manner.

Quality Control

Quality control of the installation process is carried out in accordance with our standard procedures. The purpose of these procedures is obvious. The higher the standard achieved the fewer the remedial activities required. This is of undoubted benefit to us and most importantly the client maximizing the potential for repeat business.