University of Kent Boiler House Workshop

Project Name: University of Kent Chatham
Location: Central Boiler House

The project involved the complete refurbishment of the existing Mechanical & Public Health Services systems to suit current standards and the specialist activities of the University. The Central Boiler House building is listed and a Scheduled Monument, therefore the works were carried out with constraints of such a Historic building. Heating to the central workshop area is provided by LTHW radiant heating panels mounted at high level.

Heating for the smaller workshop areas and offices is provided by the wall mounted radiators. The LTHW condensing boiler that serves the radiant panels and radiators also serves the heating for the hot water cylinder.

The workshop areas are provided with both general and specialist ventilation systems.

Tempered supply ventilation is provided to the central workshop and supply and extract ventilation with heat recovery is provided to the metal work shop, plaster workshop, and print area.

Specialist ventilation systems were provided to the wood, metal, dust and plaster workshops. These were designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by a specialist contractor.

A new metered main cold water supply was provided to the building to serve the new gas fired condensing boiler, cylinder and all the new sinks.

Specialist traps were provided to the sinks within the plaster workshop.

All the new equipment was be linked to a Honeywell BMS outstation to allow remote monitoring of the plant via the University existing building management system.